Young Warrior, Friend of Verden


Verden’s only real friend in Tarsis. He worked as a barman/bouncer at a local tavern.

Favours the longsword

Verden has outfitted Baylin with

Studded Leather

Baylin also has an adventurers pack


Baylin is a happy go lucky soul, who befriended Verden years ago. The fact that Verden was very quiet didn’t seem to stop Baylin, he could talk under water. It was almost like he decided he and Verden were going to be friends and there was nothing Verden could do about it.

Baylin comes across as the simple town/peasant warrior but does have moments of very acute perception. He is also quick to make decisions and doesn’t seem to worry about the consequences. He lives in the now, and lets the future take care of itself. Baylin is not quick to anger, but from what Verden has seen with Baylin needing to throw drunks out of the tavern seems to be able to take care of himself. Baylin is quick to forgive and forget.

Baylin has been talking for years about wanting to be a mercenary and earn a living by the sword, he hates working behind the bar which he considers to be dull, and thinks a mercenary life will be full of adventure.

Baylin’s farmer parents died a year ago from disease, and since that time Baylin has been living and working full time in a tavern in Tarsis.


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