Letter from Ryze

A letter addressed to Verdan (Ryze's assistant at the Library of Tarsis)


Dear Verdan

As you know I am on my way to Lantern to continue my research, and with the long wagon ride east I thought it might be a good time to take pen to parchment to give you some insight into my latest research.

As you know I have been researching different races cultures and their customs and how these races interact with other cultures. Currently I am studying the goblin and the kobold, and I have to say it has been fascinating. Hopefully I will have a chance to take discourse with my college Duren while in Lantern, as I have a tricky question to pose. We all know goblins and kobolds are blood thirsty creatures that are considered by proper society as “evil”. But my question relates to nature vs. nurture thought. Are kobolds and goblins born evil, or is it nurtured into them by their society. I will be interested to hear Duren’s thoughts on the matter, and it may greatly aid my research.

But enough of my research, there is something I had been meaning to tell you for a while, but it has just kept slipping my mind, so I’m going to scribe it here so I can make sure you will finally hear about it.

I was researching the kobolds and goblins society back to the cataclysm, and while doing so came upon a very interesting passage, what with your interest in the ancient, I thought you might like to hear it.

It talked about this lost race called “Scions” and that at the time of the Cataclysm, one if these “Scions” died while telling its secrets to the Kingpriest. I couldn’t find any further reference to the Scions, I wonder who they might be? It is a race I have never heard of before. Maybe something you might like to try and research if you are interested.
Well, the wagon has stopped, and looks like we are making camp for the night, so I will sign off and have the scout rider take this letter to give to you when he makes Tarsis. I should see you in about 3 weeks.

Keep up with your studies and mind the other librarians.



Letter from Ryze

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